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Welcome to Autumn term in Y3HS! What a lovely start we have had to the year, getting to know each other and settling in to new routines. Your children have been working hard to keep up with the faster pace of Year 3. 

Meet your teachers
Mrs Hicks

Hi, my name is Mrs Hicks and I will be your teacher for the beginning of the week along side Mrs Selman.

I have 2 children, Theo is 1 and Eliza is 9 weeks old. As a family, we enjoy going for
walks and playing out in the sunshine in the garden and the park.

I love to go swimming when I have time as I like to keep fit. I can’t wait to meet you all in September, it will be a fun year!

Hello I’m Mrs Selman. I began my teacher training at Aston Hall in 2015 and have been teaching here ever since.

I studied Biology at University so I have a passion for teaching Science and enjoy building enthusiasm through practical lessons and investigations, which the children always love to be part of!

The Human Body and Space are my favourite Science topics to teach. My little boy, Arthur, is now a very active one year old and he keeps me very busy when I’m not at school! I love anything crafty and enjoy making scrabble frames as a little weekend hobby.

Mrs Selman

This year’s main topics:

In a morning, we start with our 20-minute text then move on to Literacy and Maths. In the afternoon, the children have 2 other sessions. These are History/Geography, Science, French, D&T/Art, PSHE, PE or R.E. Y3HS also take part in a Music session every Monday morning. 


Homework will be set on a Wednesday and is due in by the following Wednesday. Spellings will be given out on a Friday and be tested on the following Friday. There will be either a Maths, English or wider curriculum task/activity as well as regular reading, TT Rockstars practice and weekly spellings to learn. The task will be outlined on Dojo as well as in Homework books (where relevant). 


We are going to be learning about the following areas in Maths this term: place value and calculation. This will include recognising the value of digits in 2 and 3 digit numbers, comparing and ordering numbers, recording numbers in words and applying skills to solve problems. Calculation will be exploring addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a range of contexts. To practise, recap and embed these arithmetic skills, children will complete ‘Fluent in 5’ sessions twice a week. There will also be a big push with times tables. By the end of Y3, children are expected to know their x3, x4 and x8 tables (as well as x2, x5 and x10). We will learn songs and rules to help us remember these. We will also complete TT Rockstars at least 3 times a week. 


We usually start our day with a 20-minute text, where children either watch a clip or read an extract and answer questions on this. Much of our English learning will be based around our class novel: Stig of the Dump. Within this, we will cover diary writing, newspaper reports, recounts, letter writing, instructions and story writing. We will identify the features and build upon the skills needed to make successful writers, with a big focus on conjunctions to extend sentences.  Spelling, punctuation and grammar skills will also be embedded. 


Science will be taught on Tuesday afternoons and the topic we will all cover this term is Living Things – Animals and Humans. The children will learn about animal and human life cycles, inherited and acquired characteristics, food groups, the human skeleton and organs, including the digestive system.


We will be developing our art skills in a range of topic related pieces that include paints, chalks and pencils. Our DT project this term will involve researching, planning, designing, making and evaluating their very own animal traps. 

Religion, Ethics & Philosophy

Children will continue to learn about values, diversity and beliefs. We will explore religious symbols and important celebrations.


Our Autumn term topics are ‘Being Me’ and ‘Celebrating Difference’. Children will think about their achievements, how to face new challenges positively and understanding that their choices/actions can impact on others.  In later weeks, we will cover families, conflicts and know how to help if someone is being bullied. 


Our history topic this term is The Stone Age. We will explore how Stone Age times have influenced life today. We will also learn about their way of living, the food they ate, homes they lived in and important Stone Age monuments.


Within this curriculum area, we will explore the UK, its countries, counties, cities and surrounding seas. Our particular focus will be on ‘the north’ where we will explore the land use in and around the city of Sheffield. We will also be taking part in orienteering lessons to use the 8 points of a compass and we will also develop our skills in map reading, using a 4-figure grid reference. Whilst we do this, we will look at past pictures of Sheffield and how the land use has been developed and used over time. 


PE days in Y3 are Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Can you please ensure that your child has their earrings removed (if this applies!) and long hair is tied back. We ask that children keep their PE kit in school throughout the week in case PE days change, and that kits include shorts, trousers, trainers, t-shirt and jacket/hoody.

Important dates: 

Wednesday 6th October: Stone Age visitors in school delivering a range of interactive skills and activities

Thursday 21st October: Harvest Festival celebration at Aston Methodist Church

Class Information

Year 3HS will be a job share class and shared equally between Mrs Selman and Mrs Hicks. Mrs Hicks will be teaching Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Selman will be teaching Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The Y3HS classroom will be located in the previous Year 3 classroom, second classroom in the LKS2 corridor. 

Meet Y2GD Staff
Mrs Westby (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Clifton (Teaching Assistant)

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