The school has a formal dress code. This consists of a royal blue sweatshirt with a school logo and a choice of either a yellow, white or blue polo shirt. Skirts, trousers and shorts should be dark in colour. Football shirts are not considered suitable items of clothing for school and parents are required to ensure that pupils are appropriately dressed at all times. School outdoor fleeces and waterproof jackets are also available.

Children sometimes participate in messy activities and we ask that parents provide an old shirt or apron to protect their uniform.

In the interests of hygiene, all children require a change of clothing for Physical Education. For indoor PE black shorts and a white t-shirt are suitable. During indoor PE children will work in bare feet. For outdoor PE your child will require a white t-shirt and black shorts.

All children will need to change into suitable footwear (trainers or black plimsolls). During cooler months children may wear jogging suits or tracksuits. All items should be kept in a labelled bag with a loop attachment to hang on a peg. Please ensure that your child has the appropriate PE kit as we do not encourage pupils to borrow items of PE clothing.