Meet the Team

The staff at our school are essential in helping to create and provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment in our school.  Here at Aston Hall Junior & Infant School we place a great importance in teamwork and value every staff members’ input into that team. This approach makes us successful in our work.

Senior Leadership Team


Mr Holmes


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Stacey ODaly (1) (Small)
Mrs O’Daly

Assistant Headteacher

Y6 class teacher, SENDCo, Pupil Premium Lead

Wider Leadership Team

Laura Booth (Small)

Mrs Booth

LKS2 lead, Y3/4 Class Teacher
Gemma Louise Ditchburn -1 (Small)
Mrs Ditchburn

KS1 lead, Y2 Class Teacher, ECT Lead mentor, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Laura Lester-Binney
Mrs Lester-Binney
UKS2 Lead, Y6 Class teacher, English Lead
Louise Rotherforth (Small)
Mrs Rotherforth
LKS2 lead, Y3/4 Class Teacher

Teaching Team

Bethanie Leary (Small)
Miss Leary
EYFS Class Teacher
Kate Lapping (Small)
Miss Lapping
Y1 Class Teacher
Augusta Poole (Small)
Miss Poole
Y1/2 Class Teacher, Phonics & Early Reading lead
Michelle Hicks (Small)
Mrs Hicks
Y3 Class Teacher
Amy Selman (Small)

Mrs Selman

Y3 Class Teacher,
Science Lead

Chloe Turton (Custom) (2)
Mrs Turton
Y4 Class Teacher
Lisa Thompson (Small)
Mrs Thompson
Y4 Class Teacher
Kay Woodcock (1) (Small)
Miss Woodcock
Y5 Class Teacher
Anna Cochrane (Small)
Miss Cochrane
Y5/6 Class Teacher, Maths Lead
Charlotte Yearsley (Small)
Miss Yearsley
Maternity Leave

Support Staff

Rachel Heydon (1) (Small)
Mrs Heydon
Office Administrator
Sally Washbrook (Small)
Mrs Washbrook
Admin Assistant
Karen Clifton (Small)
Mrs Clifton


Jacqui James

Mrs James

Teaching Assistant
Zoe Barnes (1) (Small)

Mrs Barnes

Teaching Assistant
Leanna Lindley

Mrs Lindley

Teaching Assistant, SMSA
Vanessa Stickland

Mrs Stickland

Teaching Assistant
Johanna Westby

Mrs Westby

Teaching Assistant

Rachel Rodgers

Mrs Rodgers

Teaching Assistant, SMSA
Amy Bell (Small)

Mrs Bell

Teaching Assistant, SMSA, Breakfast Club
Naomi Wilson

Mrs Wilson

Breakfast Club, SMSA
Joanna Wheatley

Mrs Wheatley


T.Brown - 1

Mr Brown

Site Manager

Paula Crookes

Mrs Crookes

SMSA, Cleaner

image2 (Small)

Mrs Hall

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Patricia Pashley -1

Mrs Pashley


image0 (Small)

Mrs Gee


M Brown

Mrs Brown