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School Council

At Aston Hall J&I, we are dedicated to making sure our students feel heard and that they know their opinion matters! During 2022/23 our School Council will work together and liaise with their classmates to ensure that every child’s opinion counts.

What is the School Council?

The School Council is a group of pupils from year 1 to 6 who were voted by their peers in class to represent them and their views to improve our school.

Their aim is to help organise and discuss how the school is run, while looking into projects which can help children’s learning and development.

The School Council meets at least half termly to discuss topics and issues within the school.

Why do we have a School Council?

  • To ensure our school is run effectively, with the children’s opinions at the heart of every decision
  • To help raise funds and make important decisions
  • To meet with stakeholders and discuss their ideas

What has the School Council done so far this year?

  • Formed a new Council and elected two presidents from each Key Stage to represent our school at Trust Council Meetings
  • Helped to organise and plan The Santa Dash
  • Helped with the organisation and fundraising of the Christmas Fayre
  • Planned and discussed this year’s World Book Day theme

What happens in the meetings?

We begin each meeting by completing a review and catching up on current topics for debates in school. The Council often plans and prepares resources, such as posters and leaflets to advertise upcoming school events.

We communicate between different year group councillors to ensure every class is heard in our school.

Meeting Minutes

26th January 2023

  • Trust Council members gave feedback to the rest of the School Council. They discussed key points and actions from their meeting
  • We then introduced World book day and Council members had to create their own theme ideas for World Book Day
  • The Council decided on two ideas to take back to their classes for a vote

17th October 2023 

  • We had a meeting to elect school council presidents from KS1 and KS2. These will be announced soon

7th May 2024

  • We have been busy asking different classes about equipment we would like to have for our playground
  • We then met and the council members gave feedback on individual classes
  • We then gave this list to Mr Holmes and we are hoping to have some new equipment to enjoy in the warm weather next half term

World Book Day 2024 February Meeting:

  • Talked about previous themes and inclusivity for all
  • Decided on theme with a vote which will then be fed back to the whole school in advance of WBD on Thursday the 7th of March

School Council Presidents

Blossom and Eve have been elected to represent our School Council at WPT meetings as our Council Presidents.
They will attend Trust Council meetings with other schools throughout the year. 
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School Councillors

Year 1 – Harry (1AP), Brodie (1AP, Lila (1/2 MH)

Year 2 – Harriet (2GD), Eve (2GD) & Skye (1/2MH)

Year 3 – Harrison (3PB), George (3PB) & Phoebe (3PB)

Year 4 – Florence (4HS), Harry (4HS) & Jemima (4HS)

Year 5 – Blossom (5LD), Eliza (5/6ME) & Ella (5LD)

Year 6 –  Joshua (5/6ME), Sienna (5/6ME) & Liam (5/6ME)

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Year 3 – Aariya and Lucas

Year 4 – Ashleigh (4HS) and Charlie (3/4KW)

Year 5 – Joel (5LD) and Ilana (5/6ME)

Year 6 -Harriet (6AC) and Holly (6AC)

Points of Contact 

Mr Steeple 

Mrs Davenport 

School Council News

Wickersley Partnership Trust Student Council

Wickersley Partnership Trust recognises the importance of listening and responding to ‘student voice’ to help shape improvements to the school.

Each Trust school has a representative group of students (School Councillors), elected by their peers, who form the ‘School Council’. They play an active role in school – organising events, raising issues and representing the views of their peers with Senior Leaders in the school.

Each School Councillor runs an ‘election campaign’ annually and their classmates vote for their new class representatives – this is democracy in action!

Wickersley Partnership Trust believes School Councils develop its core values including cooperation, mutual respect and a commitment to diversity and equality.

Wickersley Partnership Trust has a ‘Trust Council’ which has elected representatives from each of the school-based Councils, likewise, they help shape improvements to the Trust.

The Trust Council meets once every half term at rotating venues across the Trust. During these meetings, the students discuss Trust priorities – what’s going well already, and what we could do better in our schools and School Councils.

Charity fundraising is a key aspect of the Trust Council too – the Representatives come up with joint ideas on how we – as a Trust – can ramp up our charitable efforts.

At the end of each meeting, the Trust Council sets an agenda for the School Councils and how they’re going to move forward with their fantastic new ideas.

All minutes from the meetings will be shared with the Student Body by Trust Council Representatives and on Wickersley Partnership Trust’s website.

The Junior and Senior Trust Councils will also meet once a year at a leadership summit.

The Trust Council Representatives for 2022/23 are: 

  • Olli-Scott – Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School
  • Ava – Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School
  • Evie – Aston Hall Junior & Infant School
  • George – Aston Hall Junior & Infant School
  • Ava – Aston Lodge Primary School
  • Maisie – Aston Lodge Junior & Infant School
  • Max – Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School
  • Ellie – Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School
  • Charlie – Foljambe Primary School
  • Agata – Foljambe Primary School
  • Leighton – Monkwood Primary School
  • Talia-Mai – Monkwood Primary School
  • Mason – Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School
  • Rhia – Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School
  • Alexa-Mai – Thrybergh Primary School
  • Haneen – Thrybergh Primary School
  • Vine – Clifton Community School
  • Rigersa – Clifton Community School
  • Saleh – Clifton Community School
  • Abigail – Rawmarsh Community School
  • Amy – Rawmarsh Community School
  • Lucas  – The Gainsborough Academy
  • Imogen – The Gainsborough Academy
  • Mustafa – Thrybergh Academy
  • Kodi – Thrybergh Academy
  • Gayatheri – Wickersley School & Sports College
  • Kelsie – Wickersley School & Sports College
  • Harry – Wickersley School & Sports College
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