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Sports Leaders & Playground Buddies

At Aston Hall Junior and Infants, some pupils from Upper Key Stage Two support pupils, sports and
activities across school as Sports Leaders and Playground Buddies. Firstly, the children who are
chosen attend an introductory training session with WPT’s Sports Development Manager, David
Walker. This is an introduction to the programme, which runs in line with the ‘Change for Life’
initiative and Sainsbury’s School Sport Games program. Then Mr Ingles and Mr Stothard, our sports
coaches from WPT, work closely with those pupils each Autumn Term to complete the full Sports
Leaders Training.

The Sports Leaders Programme introduces and develops the leadership skills in Year 5 and 6 children
by training them up and getting them to organise activities for other children in the playground, plus
raising their self-esteem and self-confidence. Another main aim of the scheme is to increase the
amount of physical activity during playtime and to ensure all children enjoy their playtimes, with a
range of activities available and groups of children to play with.

Sports Leaders/Playground Buddies help support the organisation of playground and sports
equipment. Each lunchtime, they organise an activity for either KS1 or KS2 children. Any child is
encouraged to join in if they need someone to play with or want to take part. They also ensure that
our play equipment is being used responsibly and shared fairly. Their timetable is equally organised,
so the children know what is happening and who is on duty. We are very proud of our Sports
Leaders/Playtime Buddies and the role they play in promoting active lunchtimes.

Sports Leaders also help support teachers in the organisation of teams, equipment and sports kits in
preparation for training and sports events held across the school year. They also help with the
organisation and set up of the school Sports Days, helping teachers and younger pupils during the
EYFS/KS1 event.

Meet Our Sports Leaders

Sehaj_Y6AC (Medium)

Sehaj (Y6AC)

Alex_Y6AC (Medium)

Alex (Y6AC)

Hugo_Y6ME (Medium)

Hugo (Y5/6ME)

Jacob_Y6AC (Medium)

Jacob (Y6AC)

Susie_Y5LD (Medium)

Susie (Y5LD)

Lily_Y5LD (Medium)

Lily (Y5LD)

Will_-_Y5ME (Medium)

William (Y5/6ME)

Noah (Y5LD)

Roman_Y5_6ME (Medium)

Roman (Y5/6ME)

Reggie_Y5LD (Medium)

Reggie (Y5LD)

George_Y6AC (Medium)

George (Y6AC)

Harry_Y5LD (Medium)

Harry (Y5LD)

William_Y6AC (Medium)

William (Y6AC)

Freya_Y5_6ME_ (Medium)

Freya (Y5/6ME)

Amy-_Louise_Y5_6ME_ (Medium)

Amy-Louise (Y5/6ME)

Lily_Y6AC (Medium)

Lily (Y5LD)

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