Our published admission number is 315.

No child will be refused admission to the school on any grounds other than if the limit has been reached in a particular year group; the admission limit for our school is set at 45 and the Governing Body supports this.  We are a Local Authority school and therefore this limit is set by Rotherham Local Authority who also allocate these places.  If you would like your child to be considered for a place at our school, please contact the Admissions Department at Rotherham LA on 01709 823777 or email them on

All parents and carers are encouraged to come and visit our school before applying for admission for their child.  Please contact us on 0114 2879811 and make an appointment with the Head Teacher who will be happy to take the time to show you around, discuss school and answer any questions you may have.

Before children can be admitted to the school, your details must be provided to us on an admission form.  Your child’s birth certificate should also be presented prior to starting full-time education.  Please also notify us immediately of any change of address or telephone number so we are able to contact you should we need to (a ‘change of details’ form can be collected from the office ).

For children nearing school age, the LA will send you the booklet above during the Autumn Term before they start full-time education, along with forms on which you may express a preference for which primary school you would like your child to attend. If you do not receive a booklet please telephone the admissions office at the LA on 01709 823777.

Following receipt of Parental Preference forms, the existing admissions criteria the LA uses to allocate our school places is as follows;

  • Catchment area as the first criterion
  • Siblings already in school
  • Social and medical reasons
  • Distance between home and school

Those children with statements of Special Educational Needs who have a statement specifying a particular school will automatically gain entry to that school.

Unsure how to apply for a Local Authority school place?  Please download the Rotherham Admission to Primary School booklet using the links on this page.