Y5/6 Whitby Art

Wonderful Whitby art linked to our residential. We’ve been using different types of pencil and powder paints to recreate images of Whitby Abbey.  

Sports Day 2022

It was great to finally have so many family spectators at this year’s Sports Day.  The children had worked so hard in their P.E lessons to perfect their skills in each event. KS2 focused on these three field events: shotput, howler throw and long jump. Then they went onto the fastest boy and girl races […]

Y5 Macro Photography Workshop

Y5 Have been taking part in macro photography – an extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects or living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size. Here are some of the photography skills they covered. Skills: Details, focus, aperture, depth of field, placements, […]

Y5/6 Martial Arts

Y6 took part in a fantastic martial arts workshop last week with Craig from Premier Martial Arts in Brinsworth. They learnt a range of skills and self-defense strategies as well as the 3 core principles of black belts: Self control, Focus and Respect.

Y5/6A Half Term Update

Wow what an adventure this half-term has been in Y5/6AC! I can hardly believe that we’ve managed to fit revision, SATs week, Whitby Residential, Sports Day, and Jubilee Celebrations into this 5 week term. However hectic the term has been, it has also been the best one yet in Y5/6 as I’ve seen yet another […]