“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

KS2 Participate in Young Voices 2024 🎶

Last week, our Young Voices choir of KS2 children took part in the concert at the Utilita Arena, Sheffield! It was such an amazing experience, singing with nearly 5000 other children from schools all across Yorkshire. It featured guest stars such as Natalie Williams, MC Grammar, Nandi Bushell and Urban Strides and also included an […]

LKS2 Art Workshop

LKS2 classes all had an Art workshop last week which was linked to our previous music workshop about local landmarks. 🎨🏙  Y3PB created a 3D version of the pirate ship at Gulliver’s Valley, Y3/4KW made moving animal puppets based around Aston Springs Farm and Y4HS made sculptures using paper, sticks and stencils of fish and […]

Contemporary Abstract Art 🎨

In Art Y1 have been looking at contemporary abstract art by Lizette Chirrime. Lizette’s work is based on dreams and journeys. We took our pencil for a walk and created curved lines to create shapes and enclosed spaces. We looked at ‘Silhouette of the Dancing Spirit’ and the children sketched their own dancing spirits in […]

The Vikings Descend on Aston Hall ⚔

 Y3 and 4 thoroughly enjoyed taking a step back in time to the exciting world of our Germanic ancestors – The Vikings! The children and staff enjoyed a wealth of interactive learning opportunities, bringing the historic period back to life. Pop’s Outdoor Adventure team helped the Y3s create a Viking Rune leather momentum of the […]

Superhero Headquarters in FS2! 🚀

Our FS2 children are thoroughly enjoying being back at school and are excited about our new inquiry line for this half-term! We’ve had fun playing in the Superhero Headquarters, the Space Station and much more. We are excited to see what learning will happen with the question: “Who is your hero?” 🦸‍♀️👩‍🚀

Aston Hall Sheffield Steelers School Community Event

On Saturday 3rd February, over 100 pupils, family members and staff from Aston Hall J&I attended the Sheffield Steelers v Glasgow Clan Ice Hockey game at the Sheffield Arena.  Following successful events last year attending the Steelers and Steeldogs Ice Hockey, the school community once again enjoyed a night of family entertainment and cheered on the […]

Spring Term 1 100 Club Celebration

Over 120 children were in the 100 club for Spring Term 1 after having 100% attendance during Autumn term 2. The children were presented with their certificates last term and enjoyed their special reward time with Mr Holmes and Mrs Ditchburn. Well done everyone!

Children’s Mental Health Week

This year’s theme is ‘My Voice Matters’ and is about giving children and young people the tools, they need to express themselves. 💚🧠 The With me in mind team joined us for a corridor workshop, the well-being ambassadors created a new character – Well being Will! and the rest of us just loved talking, creating […]

Safer Internet Day 2024 💻

Before half term, our classes engaged with various activities for Safer Internet Day.  EYFS and KS1 watched videos and spoke about how to always tell a trusted adult if something on the internet scares or frightens us. They watched a cartoon video that helped them understand emotions that we might feel when using the internet and what […]

Aston Hall Y5/6 qualify for the Sports Hall Athletics South Yorkshire finals

We shared previously how our team of 20 Y5/6 children had an amazing time and did so well at the Rotherham School Games Sports Hall Athletics tournament last week.  The results are now in, and out of 30 schools in Rotherham, our children finished 2nd overall and have qualified for the South Yorkshire finals to be […]