Y5 Computing Skills

Y5 have developed the skills needed to create Manga/Anime characters and applied them using Google slides to create characters from the hunger games. They will continue to develop and advance their work over the next few weeks.

Hunger Games!

Phenomenal Hunger Games Day in Y5 and Y6! The effort and consideration given to costumes and strategy were second to none! We thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and it was great to see the tactics unfold! It was also brilliant to take this experience back into the classroom in our literacy session! 

Y5 Learn About Inherited Characteristics

Y5’s have been teaming up in science to learn all about inheritance. As you can see we created new Mr Men characters to show our understanding of characteristics we inherit from our parents or even grandparents.

Y5 Learn about the Human Body

In class Y5 students learned about the human body and where our organs are. To illustrate what we learned we got creative with collage and crafts. Well done Y5!

Y5KW Jamming Session

Y5KW enjoying the jamming – music lesson. Practicing cords – a group of sounds playing together.