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Y5 Celebrate Science Week

Ditch the Dirt

QFL – how can we ensure everyone has safe water by 2030?

Y5 started the week exploring life in Turkana, looking at difficulties they face daily collecting water. We tried to carry water over a short distance to investigate how difficult it was not to lose the previous liquid.

We then explored different ways water could be contaminated – for example with soil, dead leaves, sand, bacteria or chemicals. We observed the effects this had on the water and how it changed over a period of time. 

As part of the scientific journey, we visited the Wickersley School and Sports College Science labs and explored indicators – using red cabbage – to show acid, alkali and neutral. 

Finally, we will investigate how we could use different materials/tools to filter the water – to support the QFL – along with our knowledge gained from the lab about indicators to further explore the water and the changes we can’t always see with the eye. Hopefully making the water suitable to drink again. 

Wish us luck!

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