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Money Matters Learning

Yesterday in class we had our Money Matters lesson. 💷🔍

This terms focus was looking at what influences how we spend our money. We discussed how packaging, adverts, the price and whether it looks exciting can all influence whether we want to buy a toy. We then looked at how we make choices with our money. We thought about what happens if a toy is more money than we have. What can we do?

We decided that if a toy is too expensive, we can either change our minds or decide to save up for it, but we can only spend money once so have to make the best decision we can and think about what works best for us.

Year 2 gave lots of examples this lesson and were able to think of real-life examples of when they have been influenced by things when deciding whether or not to buy a toy with their pocket money or money they have saved. Well done Year 2GD!

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