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Aston Hall Environmental Superstar!

Aston Hall’s Eliza combined her passion for looking after the environment with her English skills, and wrote a formal letter to our local MP about rubbish that she saw had been dumped in Ulley Brook Reservoir.

She put her points forward clearly, and made suggestions about what could be done to protect the wildlife and keep the area clean. Her amazing letter made an impact on Alexander Stafford MP who replied and has already taken action.

Read Eliza’s letter below:

‘Dear Alexander Stafford,

Earlier this week me and my family went near the reservoir where we live and surprisingly there was a broken quad bike, large tyres and a full on bathtub in the stream. My one question is why is it us that are sad about it, when people are the ones doing it and destroying our planet.

What I would like you to do about this, is to protect the animals that live there by making a big sign that says no throwing anything in the reservoir, not even a tiny shoelace. I would like you to clean the stream by removing all the rubbish that can harm our planet and animals.

Thank you for reading my letter.

By Eliza age 7′

Great job, Eliza!

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