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EYFS Cleethorpes Trip!

This term, the question we are asking ourselves is ‘who lives in the sea?’ So, EYFS had a brilliant trip to Cleethorpes! Whilst travelling on the coach, we looked out for different vehicles, landmarks and the seasonal changes of Summer.

When we arrived, we had a lovely walk along the promenade to try and spot coastal features such as: the pier, sand and sea. The sea was far away from us, so everyone had lots of questions. We then talked about the tide coming in at different times of the day.
When we reached the fish and chip shop, we collected our lunch and ate it in the sunshine. Once we had finished our lunch, we played on the beach! We talked about the texture of the sand, what we could hear, and what we could see. We also built sand castles and dug for treasure and shells.
We had such a lovely day, and before heading back to school, we enjoyed an ice cream! 
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