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Who is your hero?

IT WAS NIGHT TIME AT ASTON HALL… and all was quiet until EVIL PEA arrived in FS2. He made a mess in our supermarket and trapped all of our veggies by taping them all around the classroom. Luckily, we had SUPERTATO come to the rescue!

The FS2 thoroughly enjoyed their learning question for the last half term which was ‘Who is your hero?’ We made their own superhero accessories such as masks, jet packs, and cuffs. We loved the supermarket role play area where we chose what we would like to purchase and then found the coins to match the price. We designed and created our own super veggies and labeled their superpowers.

Also, as part of Science week, we talked about the impact of global warming on the polar regions, especially the habitats of polar bears. Then we froze Evil Pea and investigated which way would be the safest and easiest way to melt the ice and set him free.

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