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Y2GD Focus on Refugee Week

This week in Year 2 as part of our work focusing on Refugee Week we have been reading ‘The day war came’. 

On Monday we created feelings maps focusing on how the little girl felt at different points during the story. On Tuesday, we role played the part of the book where the school doesn’t allow the little girl to join as there is no chair for her. To our surprise we found that some of our chairs had disappeared too! We talked about how this made us feel and then children spontaneously offered their own chairs to the children without them, which was amazing to see!
We then wrote about how we thought the little girl would have felt, using our own experiences from our role play.
Well done Year 2, you gave some insightful responses and I was so proud of your response to the problem of children being left out.
Take a look at our learning so far!
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