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We love to promote reading and a love of books at Aston Hall. ❤📚

That’s why the Aston Hall staff team will be regularly recommending some of our firm favourites.

Mrs Ditchburn Recommends…‘The Diary of a Killer Cat’ by Anne Fine 

This month’s recommendation for KS1 pupils is The Diary of a Killer Cat. I first read this book 2 years ago with my class and from the moment I read it I decided it would be a book I would share with my class each year.

It follows the adventures of Tuffy, a typical cat who likes getting his own way and causing chaos for the people who share his house (It’s definitely his house, not theirs!).

I really love the humorous style of writing, it has had my class howling with laughter each time we have read it and it has really made me wonder what our pets think of us! 

This book will be available to borrow from the recommended reads display in our school library.

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