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Proud Podium Superstars 🌟

This week, we’ve had some more visitors to the Proud Podium for a wide range of reasons.

🌟 Tommy and Tobias in EYFS have been spending lots of their time being creative in the workshop and have made some amazingly thoughtful creations. Tobias created a Supertato themed bus linked to the book they’re reading this week, and Tommy was inspired by an American school bus in a video he’d seen.

🌟 Flynn has been nominated by Mr Steeple for his fantastic attitude and effort to improve the presentation of his work, taking great pride in what he’s doing.

🌟 Ru gave up some of her own time at home to produce some amazing posters about British Values, showing her knowledge of Democracy, the Rule of Law and Individual Liberty. She even included inspiring quotes and explained her understanding of the above values.

🌟 AJ has been nominated for a recent act of kindness. He has decided to use his pocket money to buy Easter Eggs for people who don’t have them / are less fortunate at this time of year and has donated 10 Easter Eggs to a local food bank. What a superstar!

Well done everyone, we’re so proud of you!

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