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Eco-schools Green Flag award! 🟢

Aston Hall eco-council have been working incredibly hard this year to achieve the Eco-schools Green Flag award. And they have done it! Eco-schools awarded our school with the green flag for the following reasons:
“Creating such a large Eco-Committee! Pupils in your school are clearly very passionate about environmental issues and willing to go above and beyond to create positive impacts in their local community and beyond. Completing the Environmental Review allowed your Eco-Committee to recognise the positive changes that your school has already made and gain an appreciation of the future impacts that they can create.  Your Eco-Committee chose Action Plan topics based on where they believed they could create the most significant impacts. We love the variety of activities contained in your Action Plan; it perfectly demonstrates that there are several different approaches to creating positive change. We loved hearing about your efforts to start a recycling campaign, what an excellent idea! This demonstrates their ambition and determination to effect substantial change. You have skilfully embedded environmental issues into your curriculum, using these issues to engage pupils and enrich their learning. We enjoyed hearing about how you incorporated Healthy Living into your guided reading sessions! Your Eco-Committee has used a wide variety of methods to inform their school community about their work.  Your greatest success is a brilliant achievement. Starting up an Eco-Committee and getting the whole school onboard with your vision has been a huge success, we loved hearing about how the confidence has grown for your pupils! It’s clearly something that pupils will be proud of and leaves a great legacy to build upon! Your Eco-Code is very punchy, clear and easy to digest for those that see it. We loved seeing the pupils work, very creative! It’s a direct call to action. We love this!”
We are very proud of the Eco-council and the school’s achievements and how well they have done this year. 🌎👏
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