Who is your hero?

IT WAS NIGHT TIME AT ASTON HALL… and all was quiet until EVIL PEA arrived in FS2. He made a mess in our supermarket and trapped all of our veggies by taping them all around the classroom. Luckily, we had SUPERTATO come to the rescue! The FS2 thoroughly enjoyed their learning question for the last […]

FS2 Visit Cannon Hall Farm

FS2 had a fantastic time at Cannon Hall Farm! We started the day with a tour of the animals led by Farmer Darrell or Farmer Lisa and the children saw a plethora of farm animals such as pigs, sheep, goats, alpacas, highland cows as well as some more unusual animals – meerkats, mongoose, ferrets, and […]

FS2 Autumn Update

LiteracyThis half term in literacy we have looked at all things Autumn and woodland. We have engrossed ourselves into many books. First, we really loved the novel ‘Owl Babies’ and it created lots of factual discussions about owls. We explored the question ‘what are talons? We enjoyed story sequencing, drawing and writing about our favourite […]